Pricing for available services

Dry-Cleaning Services *

Please, indicate which items need to be dry-cleaned by putting them in a separate bag.

Dry cleaned and pressed
$ 5.99
Full-body item
Coat, dress, jumpsuit, sari
$ 14.99
Top half-body item
Blouse, jacket, sweater, vest
$ 8.49
10% off
Bottom half-body item
Skirt, pants, shorts
$ 8.49
10% off
Accessory item
Tie, scarf
$ 8.49

All dry-cleaning orders take 48-72 hours to complete.

Wash & Fold Services *

All wash & fold laundry is charged based on weight. Shirts can be wet washed and pressed if desired.

Laundered Shirts
Wet cleaned and pressed
$ 3.50
Wash & fold laundry
Washed, dryed and folded
$ 1.95/lbs
Best value
Any size
$ 1.95/lbs
Any size
$ 1.95/lbs
Table cloth
Any size
$ 1.95/lbs

All wash & fold orders take 24-48 hours to complete, unless the order contains dry-cleaning items. In that case, the order will be completed in 48-72 hours.

Miscellaneous Items

Pick-up and delivery
Included with every order
Rush delivery
Same day delivery for wash & fold orders only. Order must be picked up before 10am.
Call to check availability.
No-show fee
No-show fee is charged if there is no order available for pick-up when our driver stops by your location. Please, cancel your pick-up to avoid a no-show fee.
Late payment fee
All delivered orders are payable immediately. If your credit card on file is declined, you will be charged a late payment fee. In addition, an interest will be charged on all unpaid orders at 2% per month.

* All dry-cleaning and wash & fold laundry orders are subject to a $30.00 minimum order charge.